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Our young Quebecers who dream of becoming players’ agents in the sports world do not have many examples to follow, especially if it is outside the framework of our national sport, which is hockey.

But three Quebecers, sons of immigrants, succeeded where no one else had set foot, or almost.

Sasha Ghavami, Nick Mavromaras and Jethro Supré have found a way to break through where it seems impossible.

Sasha Ghavami, son of immigrant parents from Iran and Egypt, who represents Laurent-Duvernay Tardif and Antony Auclair, among others, is the only agent in Quebec who represents players who play in the NFL.

Nick Mavromaras, son of Greek immigrant parents, who represents Jonathan David, Rudy Camacho and James Pantemis, among others, is the only Quebec agent to have completed a mega player transfer to Europe. He notably completed the transfer of David from Belgium to France for a record amount for a Canadian of 30 million euros.

Jethro Supré, son of Haitian immigrant parents, who represents among others Jesen Therrien, Chadwick Tromp, Otto Lopez, Tayron Guerrero and Charles Leblanc. He is the only Quebec agent to represent players playing in the MLB.

98.5 Sports invites you to learn more about these three inspiring stories.

Portrait of Jethro Supré

Jethro Supré began his adventure working for the Montreal Expos. He served as a liaison between the club and the players. He was only a young man at the time and had no idea that he would one day be the only Quebecer to represent major league baseball players.

“I started my own company called BSE Agency. I am what is called an MLB certified agent. In fact, I don’t even think there are 10 of us in Canada with this status. This gives me access to the managers of all the teams in order to discuss contracts and players. You must have players on official teams in order to reach this level. »

At the time with the Expos, he had direct contact with the players, which allowed him to make several great encounters and learn more about the profession.


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