Jérémy Vimes and Bazas happy to welcome the FCBA

“I really enjoyed my time in this very family-friendly club, where I met lovely people. We had had a superb 2018-2019 season punctuated by the title of R1 champion, recalls the former striker who played alongside Lassana Sow and Marvin Eisor today, captain and coach of the FCBA. With Marvin, we have a great story in common. In May 2019, during the match for N3 accession to Tartas, we were back to three everywhere after being led 3-0. Victory was essential for us to hope for the climb. At the 94e minute, we get a final free kick. Marvin, who had scored our three goals, approaches me and asks me to shoot him. I comply… and score. Thereupon, we go up, because Marmande, who was ahead of us, had just lost at Orthez! »

“It will be very complicated”

Reconverted midfielder where he « participates more in the game » and invested with the role of captain, Jérémy Vîmes enjoys his role as big brother and leader within a young Bazadaise team. “At 36, with a very full professional activity and family life, I had seriously considered hanging up my crampons. I didn’t do it because I feel very good at Patronage Bazadais, in total osmosis with leaders who give a lot of themselves to help the club progress. »

Realistic, Jérémy Vîmes expects a delicate evening against his former club. “Even if I play all the matches to win them, I am lucid enough to recognize that our chances are not very good. But, in absolute terms, they exist! We will therefore do everything to make them survive as long as possible and, why not, create a surprise. confides the Bazadais captain before adding, mischievously.

“Afterwards, if the FCBA moves with a large dose of sufficiency, that can also make our job easier. But that would surprise me a lot! On the other hand, Jérémy Vîmes is convinced that beyond the result of this confrontation, his young teammates “will have a lot to gain in terms of experience. They must consider this match as a reward and an opportunity! »

The game

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