Jérémy Ferrari talks about all the threats he has received because of his shows (VIDEO)

Guest on Europe 1 this Saturday, January 8, comedian Jérémy Ferrari confided that he had to take extreme measures to protect himself against those who threatened him, following his words and his positions in his shows.

Comedian Jérémy Ferrari has made cynical humor his business. And the consequences, he sees them every day. On CNews in 2019, the comedian already confided to have « always scared ». « I would be mad if I were not afraid. But it is not stronger than my desire to denounce, than my madness, than my revolt », he had declared. At the microphone of Isabelle Morizet this Saturday, January 8 in There is not just one life in life on Europe 1, Jérémy Ferrari revealed that the threats had intensified. Today his bodyguard « is part of the team », he first said jokingly.

From small reactions to big threats

« On the first show, Hallelujah damn it!, we regularly had little worries, explains Laura Laune’s great friend. Because it is normal with the subjects that I treat, you always have people who will take too much in the first degree, who will not necessarily understand the sub-texts … And that’s how it is. I accept that « , he added. For Jérémy Ferrari, this flip side is a necessary evil: « When we decide to provoke, we should not be surprised to have people who are provoked : this is the purpose of what you are doing « .

« I got a bullet in my mail »

Even if it was sometimes complicated, Jérémy Ferrari still managed to control the situation: « After you have more or less intelligent people, who will react more or less violently. On the first show, I managed because it was a guy or two waiting in front of the theater … Well those were things I could handle « , he observed. But since then, things have taken a whole new turn. « After when we had ‘Sell ​​2 rooms in Beirut‘ I’ve had things that I didn’t like too much. Guys who were waiting downstairs from my house, I got stuff in the mail that was not cool, I got a bullet in my mail … Finally I got some stuff that was not great. Then it was hanging around the theater, vehicles and all … Well, these were things that were beyond me a bit « , he said.

A bodyguard leading the investigation

For his part, Jérémy Ferrari’s bodyguard does in-depth work: « When I receive threats, my bodyguard has everything behind it: he does research, he sees who it is … », specifies Jérémy Ferrari. « Me, I needed a security specialist who will ensure the safety of my spectators, of me and of my rooms. So we kept him, even if at the moment it is quieter », he concluded. Hope it lasts.

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