Jérémy Ferrari in his most intimate show: « I was well placed to talk about addiction problems »

This new version ofGeneral anaesthesia mentions, among other things, a more personal subject for Jeremy Ferrari : psychiatry and addictions.

The comedian has indeed used his personal experience to write this show. « I have a lot of problems plus addiction problems. It’s true that seen from the outside, I don’t really represent a guy who has alcohol problems and psychiatric disorders. I knew it was going to hit people hard right from the start. I’m coming with this show getting better […] Whether we had psychiatric problems or not, it speaks to everyone, because in any case we all had depressive phases ».

It even brings a positive message around a widespread disease: « I drank six liters of rosé a day, I attempted suicide and went to rehab so I was in a good position to talk about it. Me I’m not ashamed of it. I’m sick, I have an addiction problem. It’s a recognized neurological disease, it’s not my fault. I got through it and I’m proud of it. The message is ‘it’s not your fault, don’t be ashamed of it, fight against it because you can get away with it’« .

I, who have always insulted everyone, made fun of everyone all the time, it’s great because I don’t care about myself, my family, my troubles and illnesses.

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