Jérémy Ferrari: « I could drink six bottles of rosé a day »


The comedian returned to his alcoholism and his suicide attempt during a moving interview for “Seven to Eight”.

Jérémy Ferrari experienced a descent into hell because of alcohol.

Jérémy Ferrari experienced a descent into hell because of alcohol.

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In an intimate interview for the program « Sept à deux » this Sunday, May 29, Jérémy Ferrari agreed to come back to the most complicated period of his life. For several years, when he was very successful, the comedian was an alcoholic and had mental disorders that led him to attempt suicide.

“In the morning, I drink whisky. Because in my head, I’m like, « I don’t drink a lot and I get maximum results. » And at noon, I’m going to drink rosé. I was going to drink a good bottle of rosé, or even two, at lunchtime. And afterwards, in the evening, I could drink three or four bottles without any problem. At the end, I could drink five, six bottles of rosé a day, without any problem,” recalls the 37-year-old artist.

Jérémy Ferrari then confides in his suicide attempt. “That day, as for several weeks now, I drink from morning to night. I drink, I drink, I drink… So, I put myself at the edge of the window”, he explains. « Which floor are you on? » Audrey Crespo-Mara then asks him. “I am very, very high. So I don’t know exactly which floor. I know I’m on the top floor of the hotel, that’s for sure. I can only see emptiness, and I want to jump. Jérémy Ferrari adds: « What I feel at that moment is joy. »

He finally came to his senses before committing the irreparable. “Suddenly, I am terrified. As if someone wanted to push me. I tremble, and I say to Mickaël (note: his best friend and partner): « Bring me in, I’m going to fall, I’m going to fall! » As if they had put me there, without my consent. And I say to Michael: « You have to lock me up, I’m going to jump. » And I don’t want to jump, I don’t want to die. » Today, the comedian is completely weaned from his alcohol problems and continues to undergo therapy.

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