Jean-Michel Blanquer uncomfortable with Laurence Ferrari over Emmanuel Macron’s controversial remarks on antivax (VIDEO)

This Friday, January 7, Jean-Michel Blanquer was a guest on the morning of CNews. The Minister of Education found himself very embarrassed when Laurence Ferrari tried to make him repeat the controversial word recently used by Emmanuel Macron about unvaccinated people.

In recent days, a controversy has ignited the debate on the media scene. On January 4, Emmanuel Macron unleashed an avalanche of indignation by declaring, without mincing words, that he was very « wanting to piss off the unvaccinated ». A godsend for the opposition parties which, from the far left to the far right via Les Républicains and the Socialist Party, have all stepped up to the plate. Their representatives were scandalized by these remarks deemed unworthy of a President of the Republic. But the already palpable tensions in the political sphere did not prevent the Prime Minister and the government spokesman from putting on a layer of it the next day. « We’re going to talk frankly. Who’s fucking whose life today? They are those who oppose the vaccine“, declared Gabriel Attal during a press conference following the Council of Ministers, this Wednesday, January 5.

Jean-Michel Blanquer uncomfortable

This Friday, January 7, the Minister of Education was the guest of Laurence Ferrari on the morning of Cnews. And the least we can say is that Jean-Michel Blanquer is not as comfortable as his colleagues with the semantic choices imposed by the boss of the Élysée. « Do you validate the words of Emmanuel Macron who said that he wanted to ‘fuck the non-vaccinated’? You would have chosen that word, would you?“, then asked the journalist to her interlocutor. A question to which the person concerned tried a first dodge: “No matter the choice of the word, what matters is the substance of what he said« . But it was without counting on the determination of Laurence Ferrari who replied that « the form, the language » were equally decisive. « It is true that language is at the heart of learning. This word was consecrated by Cambronne at a time in the history of France and people found that the form was inappropriate“, tried to explain Jean-Michel Blanquer.

Laurence Ferrari insisting on the Minister of Education

A response that does not satisfy the host, who is determined to obtain a concrete response from her guest, even if it means provoking him. « What word ?“, she asked him frankly. Visibly very embarrassed, the minister refused to get into this game. « Well the radical word which is the one you used“, he retorted, smirking. « You don’t want to repeat it? », insisted the former headliner of TF1’s 8 p.m. news. « No, I think it’s good to let the President of the Republic mark the occasion. What matters to me is the idea. And the idea is fundamental. You have to know, at times moments, mark the occasion, then behind, and it is my role, with others, to help make things happen. In other words, it is a call to the unvaccinated to get vaccinated in their interest and collective interest », finally concluded Mr. Blanquer.

Jean-Michel Blanquer uncomfortable with Laurence Ferrari over Emmanuel Macron's controversial remarks on antivax (VIDEO)

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