Jean-Michel Aulas recognizes « errors » through an open letter


Two days after the defeat against Metz (3-2) which deprives OL of European competition next season, Aulas spoke through an open letter to the supporters.

The speech of the boss of Olympique Lyonnais was expected. Two days after a 10th defeat against Metz, which definitively deprives Les Gones of European competition next season, Jean-Michel Aulas spoke. Through an open letter to Rhone supporters, the president of OL acknowledges that mistakes have been made by management « We have stumbled, but above all we are picking ourselves up, we have learned and we are more than ever on our feet, even stronger if you are with us. We must face our mistakes so as not to repeat them again, without hiding or finding excuses« .

The example of the big Italian clubs

If he does not forget to ask for eternal support from the supporters who have repeatedly scolded the players this season, Jean-Michel Aulas wants to rely on other major European teams which have known dark hours. to get up »I also want to reassure you and remind you that not everything is played out in a single season when you are an institution as solid as ours. Remember the failures and reconstructions of AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus or Atlético. The mistake to make would be to burn what we loved to better reduce to ashes what is our history, but also our ambition.« .

Training back at the center of the project

In order to please the supporters or calm their anger, Jean-Michel Aulas does not forget to recall the extensions of Maxence Caqueret or Ryan Cherki, both from the Lyon Academy. The young Lyonnais who recently won the Gambardella Cup could also embody the future of the Rhone club « We want the DNA of Lyon training to be the key word for the future. We will be vigilant on the profiles of our players who will join us, and will try to target in priority those whom we consider to be compatible with the philosophy and the spirit of the club that you embody yourselves by being the most unconditional supporters of our OL« .

The supporters know their president perfectly, at ease with speeches and now expect action.


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