Jean-Claude Ferrari will revive great pleadings

On Saturday March 19 at 8 p.m., the City’s cultural commission is offering a performance by the Cie Eletra entitled Pleadings: when words can change everything. This is a story by Jean-Claude Ferrari, based on the book by Matthieu Aron The great pleadings of the tenors of the bar.


Jean-Claude Ferrari has been working in theater since 2009 and is the creator of Cie Eletra. According to him, the trial is a unique closed session because the legal proceedings are not recorded, cameras and microphones are prohibited in the courtrooms. « The words fade away forever. I wanted to share these texts that I extracted from the excellent work of Matthieu Aron « The great pleadings of the tenors of the bar ». The link with the theater is obvious. Courts are places of tragedy, lawyers and magistrates are the actors. With speech as their only weapon, they then advance in the courtroom with fear in their stomachs, but also with the desire to convince. I wanted to pay tribute to these moments of oratorical bravery. The image can be seen endlessly, the pleading is ephemeral. What’s more powerful than a plea? I am not a lawyer, but I have always been fascinated by these moments of eloquence and these oratory contests that are the indictments and the pleadings.

This show offers a selection of three pleadings, related to famous cases. For an evening, the viewer dives into the heart of the pleadings of Maître Paul Lombard for the trial of Christian Ranucci, of Maître Thierry Moser for the trial of Jean-Marie Villemin and of Maître Henri Leclerc for the trial of Véronique Courjaut .

Free entrance. Information and reservations on 04 66 38 91 43.

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