Jayson Tatum massacred for his daring exit on Kobe and the Lakers

For the past few days, Jayson Tatum has been paying various tributes to Kobe Bryant or pronouncing his name in the media. A behavior that goes wrong in the middle of the Finals, which he disputes with the Celtics, but which he has nevertheless repeated in recent hours!

12 years after their last clash in the NBA Finals, their rivalry remains as fierce as ever. As since the dawn of time, Celtics and Lakers have been waging a merciless war in recent weeks. The context helps with this, since if successful against the Warriors, Boston would win the 18th title in its history, one more than their enemies Angelinos. A scenario that would certainly delight Jayson Tatum… unless.

Before positioning himself as the undisputed star of his team, and leading it to the Finals this season, the 24-year-old winger positioned himself as an unconditional fan… of Kobe Bryant. Surprisingly enough, he takes pleasure in reminding everyone of this with controversial gestures linked to the Purple & Gold legend. Gestures that he seems to assume perfectly, and that he even goes so far as to reproduce.

Jayson Tatum still outraged over Kobe and the Lakers

Subject of a long paper by Ramona Shelburne and Elizabeth Merrill for ESPN, Tatum made a retrospective of his career there, which led him to Boston. The opportunity for him to reconsider his draft, where he had only been selected in third position… just after the pick of the Lakers. A snob that he obviously still has trouble digesting five years later!

« The Lakers were my favorite team, and Kobe was my favorite player, » said Tatum, who wore a purple number 24 armband against the Miami Heat in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals. “So it was crazy that the Lakers had the 2nd pick. My dream was very close to coming true. But it was like they didn’t want anything to do with me at the time. »

As he has already indicated in the past, JT would therefore have liked to land in Los Angeles, where he could have followed in the footsteps of his idol. Kobe Bryant. However, the timing of this declaration this time has something to talk about in Massachusetts. Some Internet users did not hesitate to take the triple All-Star volley, and to make him understand that he had better focus on the present with the Celtics!

Embarrassing, you’re a Celtic, deal with it.

Jayson Tatum continues his declarations of love for Kobe Bryant and the Lakers, which risks pushing Celtics fans to the limit. It would therefore be better for him to bring the Larry O’Brien trophy back to Boston to make amends with them!

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