Jaylen Brown loves to challenge her teammates

In complete confusion since the suspension of Ime Udoka, replaced for the season by his assistant Joe Mazzulla, the Celtics however, have no choice but to move on and leave behind this regrettable episode, for the good of their collective. Reigning NBA finalists, they will thus be particularly expected in 2022/23.

In training this Wednesday, it was in any case possible to see that the Celtic group remained united and on the same wavelength. Symbol of this good understanding: the two leaders of the workforce, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Browntook the opportunity to challenge each other in a one-on-one session.

A Jaylen Brown who also spoke on this subject, after the fact, and who does not fail to appreciate these duels.

 » It’s just a matter of cleaning up, perfecting your close game in the clinch, working on your lateral defense, that kind of little detail. It’s nothing but a good workout, with cardio. Iron sharpens iron, so it’s just about getting better at each other “, he explains.

From animation to training

As in any place full of competitors, and probably even more so in the NBA, we obviously imagine that the trashtalking is the norm between these players, who often compete for an exercise.

 » Generally, it is the one who scores on the other “says Jaylen Brown, when asked who speaks the most in these one-on-ones.  » That’s how it goes, whoever scores or wins is the loudest. But it depends on the day, it could be any one of us [qui gagne]. »

Precisely, « JB » was then invited by the journalists to reveal the name of the winner of the day, after Jayson Tatum, Payton Pritchard, Brodric Thomas and him challenged each other at the end of Wednesday’s training.

 » It was pretty balanced “, Book on this subject the rear All-Star.  » [Jayson Tatum] won a few duels, Payton [Pritchard] Won a few as well, so I would say it was pretty balanced. But they are probably the ones who have spoken the most. »

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