Jay-Z allegedly threatened the NFL to hold the halftime show

According to Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z would have put pressure on the NFL since the special hip-hop performance is validated by the American league.

Jay-Z would apparently be no stranger to the 100% hip-hop performance that punctuated the Super Bowl halftime for this 2022 edition. Asked by Elliot Wilson on TIDAL, Snoop Dogg indeed confided that his colleague had summoned the NFL to validate their participation. « It’s like he fought for us and said to the NFL, ‘F*ck that. They comply or I resign”. It was the most gangster thing”. The NFL is indeed partnering with Roc Nation, Jay-Z’s label.

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Snoop Dogg on Jay-Z: ‘He hugged me’

The author of The Blueprint would have even advised Snoop Dogg not to hold rigor of the conditions imposed by the American league. « Wear what you want », would have confided Jay-Z about the clothes sported by Snoop. The latter also said that Hov was the first to join the artists after their performance at the Super Bowl. They thus embraced in a particularly touching moment.

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“As soon as he came in, he hugged me, says Snoop Dogg. We hugged each other tight. It was like we had won a championship. You know when we’re really happy for each other? People don’t understand, he and I are the only ones. He is the Eastern one. I am the western one. We love each other. Like, not secretly, like publicly, we love each other”. A moment of intimate sharing that marks the historic aspect of this performance in the heart of the Los Angeles stadium. Also, Jay-Z was completely crazy about this classic French rap clip.

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