Javier Baez considers Mets fans to be better

Chase the natural and it will come back at a gallop: the Mets are still caught up in a controversy.

Some people may find the use of the word “controversy” a bit advanced, but not to me. Why? Because criticizing your fans is serious.

We know that in New York, the fans are passionate. They even boo their club, for better or for worse. Even though I don’t agree with this practice, you know as well as I do that the customer is always right, right?

A guy like Francisco Lindor tasted it earlier this season… and these days the whole team gets booed.

It must be said that the last few weeks have been difficult for the team, which is emerging from the portrait of the playoffs quietly not quickly after leading the division for a good part of the campaign. The fans are therefore not happy and they respond by booing even more.

This means that the players started to reply to the in with thumbs down that had nothing to do with what Todd Frazier had done while he was in New York.

Is Baez right that seven times out of ten guys are going to miss their point and you have to be forgiving? Absoutely. It is the nature of sport.

But you know as well as I do that the Mets are playing poorly and lacking in opportunism. Even the owner recently pointed out.

And that’s where Baez crossed the line. How? ‘Or’ What?

By mentioning that fans need to be better and more forgiving of them. Did he say the fans have to be better?

Baez says being booed doesn’t hurt him… but we can doubt it.

To say he doesn’t want to see the Mets have more pressure from their fans says a lot about the corporate culture and Baez as such. No matter how much I love the guy, but then he slipped him away.

We feel a huge lack of seriousness among the Mets. Recently, my colleague Pascal Harvey told me (rightly) that Francisco Lindor pressured the owner to acquire Baez not to win, but to have a friend and double play partner. That says it all.

Expect Baez to get a hearty BOOK on his next mistake.

10th Round
  • Salvador Perez is on fire.
  • JT Realmuto is hand-to-hand.
  • Dramatic victory of the Pirates.
  • 100 RBIs for Jose Abreu.

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