Jason Kidd lets go of the GOAT without detour

Dallas Mavericks NBA coach Jason Kidd cuts bluntly between Michael Jordan and LeBron James in GOAT debate

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As the end of the season approaches, LeBron James remains in the running to be crowned the league’s leading scorer, and offer his fans a new argument in the GOAT discussion. The latter has just been raised by Jason Kidd, holder of a clear opinion!

Arrived in 1994 in the league, he was able to attend closer to the second Three Peat of the Bulls, and the fantastic performances signed by Michael Jordan at that time. 17 years later, he tracked down and defeated a certain LeBron James in the NBA Finals, before seeing him reach his prime thereafter. Thanks to his career in the league, Jason Kidd can therefore consider himself lucky.

Star of the 2000s, the former point guard of the Suns, Nets and Mavericks was able to face the crème de la crème of NBA players, namely the two main candidates for the title of GOAT. He therefore appears extremely well placed to settle this eternal struggle, he who measured himself against the two men at their basketball peak. This is indeed what he ended up doing in the last few hours.

In GOAT debate, Jason Kidd votes for LeBron James

The day after the victory of his Mavericks against the Lakers, Kidd was invited by a journalist to discuss the case of LeBron, absent from this meeting because of a painful ankle. Specifically, he was asked if he thinks the King will become the greatest player in history if he captures the all-time leading scorer title next year. Without trying to beat around the bush, the Dallas coach was positive!

It’s a good question, a question that arises in hairdressing salons, that. But I think LeBron will go down as the best in history. When you look at his numbers, everything he’s done on and off the pitch, nobody’s ever done before. When you put it all together, he’s the greatest player of all time.

An opinion which will not allow him to make only friends within the league, but which he seems to assume perfectly. J-Kidd thus takes into account the off-field impact that LeBron can have since the start of his career, which does not appear to be a valid argument in the minds of many observers. Anyway, the conquest of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s record would make him the No. 1 at the coach, ahead of Jordan.

However, this historic feat could still potentially escape LBJ in view of his recent physical setbacks. Injuries tend to follow one another more and more at home, which is not good news at 37 years old. A serious glitch suffered in the coming months, and this quest for 38,387 KAJ points could suddenly be interrupted!

Contemporary of Michael Jordan and LeBron James, Jason Kidd will visibly give the advantage to the King at the end of his career. Knowing the latter, he will do everything so far to legitimize this opinion, which many should not easily share.

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