Jason Heyward played his last game with the Cubs


The Chicago Cubs have relied on Jason Heyward to patrol the outfield for the past few years. That said, although he was once very good defensively, he was never an offensive engine.

And this, despite his contract of $ 184 million over eight years with the Cubs.

There, the veteran sees age catching up with him and injuries slowing him down. He is also on the injured list right now because of his knee and his season is over.

And next year, he won’t be back with the Cubs. President Jed Hoyer announced that the veteran would be cut at the end of the season.

Why at the end of the season?

Because this season, anyway, he can’t play and he’s not taking anyone’s place in the line-up. He will therefore remain (as long as he is paid) to be a good veteran with the young formation of Illinois, he who is VERY appreciated in the locker room.

We can therefore believe that it will be DFA this winter. The Cubs will pay $22M in salary and $2.5M in signing bonuses to see him (potentially) sign somewhere else at minimum wage.

Because yes, Heyward still wants to play. In 2023, he will therefore try to find a new formation with which to evolve.

Once he retires, we could see the Cubs bring him back into any role within the organization and he could get involved in the community.

But before that, he will want to go after his dream and that’s fine. He deserves it.


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