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In the preamble of the season, the main questions surrounding this Wolves team concerned the identity of the last two holders who would accompany the trio of Angelo Russell – Anthony Edwards – Karl-Anthony Towns, as well as the ability of the Minnesota franchise to defend with efficiency and regularity.

After a month of competition, the Minneapolis players are starting to provide answers to these two questions. Thanks, in particular, to the presence of the pair Patrick Beverley – Jarrett Vanderbilt. Two soldiers tasked, together, to guarantee the defensive balance of Chris Finch’s group, alongside the local “Big Three”.

 » Without wanting to discredit him, I didn’t know he was so good defensively », Explained Patrick Beverley about Jarred Vanderbilt to the Star Tribune, last night, after the solid performance of his young teammate (16 points and 11 rebounds, including 7 offensives!).  » It’s awesome. And I played with a lot of good defenders, like Kawhi [Leonard] and Paul George. But I’m really not saying that just because he’s my teammate. I just didn’t know he was that good. « 

His defense leaves no one indifferent

Having returned to the starting line for ten days, in favor of Jaden McDaniels, Jarred Vanderbilt is slowly, but surely, rising in power. Like all Wolves, who have won four of their last five outings. With their 22-year-old winger who has posted, for three games (all victorious) and in 26 minutes of play, statistics of 9.0 points, 11.0 rebounds (including 5.3 offensives), 2.0 assists, 1.7 interceptions and 1.3 against per game!

 » He has an undeniable impact on wins, he never gives up on anything “, Continued Patrick Beverley, who turns for his part to 10.6 points, 5.0 rebounds, 4.6 assists, 1.4 interceptions and 1.6 against average for five games, and the return home of his team.  » He is still active. His basketball IQ is much better than I expected. Together, we try to set the tone defensively and it greatly facilitates my task. « 

Also impressed by Jarred Vanderbilt’s performance in defense, Anthony Edwards went even further than Patrick Beverley this weekend.

 » If you want my opinion, he claims the best five defensive end of the season « , Considered » Ant-Man « bluntly, still for the Star Tribune. «  He’s the hardest worker in the NBA, he never stops and he’s the best teammate he can be. « 

A feeling of serenity visible in Anthony Edwards, and caused by all the defensive slaughter of Jarred Vanderbilt, which is also reflected in the words of D’Angelo Russell.

 » You just trust him Added the All-Star point guard.  » You have confidence in his ability to play, to succeed in these so-called 50/50 actions, to protect yourself in defense. Simply. « 

One of the best offensive rebounders in the NBA

Beyond his mastery in defense, which is no stranger to Minnesota’s 7th place in this area (104.4 points conceded out of 100 possessions), Jarred Vanderbilt also surprises with his incessant offensive rebound activity. He who captures 2.8 per game this season, 3.4 when he holds and even 4.4 for five games!

With a superb sense of placement, the 41st choice of the 2018 Draft has almost developed a faculty: that of anticipating the precise place where the ball will land after a missed shot. A quality which allows him to recover 13.3% of the offensive rebounds “available” in a match. That is the 7th best percentage in the NBA!

 » Strangely, I already know a little where their failed shots will fall, by dint of studying my teammates, of watching them shoot “, Confirmed the main interested party, the only strong-winger by profession in the Top 15 of this percentage of offensive rebounds captured.  » It’s just a matter of reflexes and observation. Knowing where they usually miss their shots, knowing how they shoot, knowing what kind of shoot it will be. And, I just have to find the opening to find my position, go to the offensive rebound and win this battle. « 

At the heart of his fourth season in the league, the slender Jarred Vanderbilt continues to discover the life of a rotational player in the NBA. Still irregular in attack, he nevertheless suggests good arrangements in this area of ​​play, which earned him more and more minutes alongside Karl-Anthony Towns.

 » Jarred Vanderbilt has a pretty good idea of ​​where the players are on the pitch, so his passing game is of good quality. “, Admitted to finish his coach, Chris Finch, on this subject.  » It might not always look clean, but he knows what he’s trying to do. « 

Jarred vanderbiltPercentageRebounds
2019-20 *All Teams11462.50.0100.
2019-20 *DEN9571.
2019-20 *MIN230.00.0100.

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