Jaren Jackson Jr is clutch, Phoenix chains a 13th victory!

The results of the night in the NBA

Net @ Cavs: 117-112
Hornets @ Wizards: 109-103
Thunder @ Hawks : 101-113
Rockets @ Celtics : 90-108
Pacers @ Bulls: 109-77
Magic @ Bucks : 92-123
Wolves @ Pelicans: 110-96
Suns @ Spurs: 115-111
Grizzlies @ Jazz: 119-118
Sixers @ Kings: 102-94

LeBron James, Isaiah Stewart: Sanctions fall, big first for the King

JJJ wins Grizzlies, Rudy Gobert excels despite loss

Jaren jackson jr was decisive for Memphis, who went to clinch a superb victory on the floor of the Jazz. Author of 26 points, the interior of the Grizzlies also and above all won a jump ball and a 3-point shoot in the last seconds of the match. What perfectly complement the efforts of Ja Morant (32 pts) and Desmond Bane (28 pts, NBA career record).

Memphis scored the last 7 points of the game and won a third victory in four games by surprising Utah, decidedly much less sovereign at home this season.

Rudy Gobert (23 points, 13 rebounds and 5 blocks at 9/10) did his best to try to make up for the dirty night of Donovan mitchell (5/20 despite 18 pts).

13 in a row for the Suns despite Murray

– The good life goes on for Phoenix. The Suns signed a 13th consecutive victory, their longest streak in the NBA since January 2007. It was the Spurs who paid the price despite the triple-double from Dejounte Murray (18 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds).

Phoenix was in control and only stepped down late in the game to allow San Antonio to make a close. Devin Booker (23 pts) and Deandre Ayton (21 pts, 14 rebounds) and Cameron Payne (20 pts) did the heavy lifting in attack.

The Spurs are currently in the hole after 5 losses in a row and little prospect of improvement in the short term.

KD takes care of the Cavs

– Back in the five for the trip to Cleveland, Kevin Durant (27 points, 9 assists) orchestrated his own victory in Ohio, with the help of LaMarcus Aldridge (21 pts, 11 rebounds), James harden (14 pts, 14 pds) and the rookie Cam Thomas, climbed from G-League to bring 11 points in 15 minutes and a good energy.

Darius garland finished in a double-double (24 pts, 11 pds) for the Cavs, but forcing a bit like a pig (27 shots).

Minnesota power 4!

– Proof of Wolves ‘complicated history in the NBA, the Pelicans’ fourth straight win last night is a rare accomplishment. Minnesota has only achieved as many consecutive successes as 5 times in its history …

Karl-Anthony Towns (28 pts, 10 rebounds) led the dance for Wolves now 10th in the West and virtually in play-in.

No psychological shock for the Kings

– The premiere of Alvin Gentry as head coach (interim?) Of the Kings was not a great success. Sacramento lost at home against the Sixers yet still deprived of Joel Embiid. Taken by De’Aaron Fox (23 pts) and Buddy Hield (21 pts), the Kings still led by 9 points at the start of the 4th quarter, before collapsing.

Tyrese Maxey (24 pts) finished top scorer in the game. Positive point for Sacramento, no one has soiled the floor this time.

Scary Terry’s Beautiful Night

– The Hornets relied on the beautiful evening of Terry rozier (32 pts) who had not scored as much since the start of the season to dominate Washington again. His 8th 3-point basket of the evening 13 seconds from the end folded the case and allowed Charlotte, 5th, to get closer to the Wizards, 4th.

LaMelo Ball (28 points, 13 rebounds, 7 assists, 3 steals) has still been in the oven and the mill.

Tatum goes on, Atlanta too

Jayson tatum (30 pts) had his fourth straight game at 30 points or more, to help the Celtics inflict a 15th straight loss to the Rockets and celebrate their return to the squad. Jaylen brown (19 pts), absent for 8 matches.

– The Hawks picked up a fifth straight win to close their home streak. The Thunder served as a sparring partner for Trae young (30 points including 21 after rest), Clint Capela (10 pts, 15 rbds) and John collins (5 blocks, career record tied).

Chicago misses out, Milwaukee out for a walk

– When the Bulls, excellent this season, miss, they do not pretend. Chicago was up to 35 points behind and was severely beaten at home by the Pacers. Rick Carlisle’s men limited Billy Donovan’s to 77 points without ever letting them breathe.

Domantas sabonis (21 pts), Malcolm brogdon (16 pts) and Myles Turner (12 pts, 10 rebounds) were the early architects of this success.

– How do you show that the Bucks literally walked around when Orlando came to Milwaukee? The defending champions finished the first quarter at +20, the first half at +39 and the third quarter at +47 before easing off in the garbage time by having played Giannis Antetokounmpo and the others frames about 20 minutes. A good evening, in short.

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