Jan Mysak showcased pro-level play at the CMJ

Jan Mysak was named to the World Junior Championship All-Star Team and it was deserved. He wasn’t a powerhouse in the tournament, but he did a lot of work to push his team into the semi-finals.

Marco D’Amico from Montreal Hockey Now was at BPM Sports (formerly 91.9 Sports) to talk about the best CMJ players. According to him, of course, Jan Mysak, who has earned his place on the tournament all-star team, has been talked about.

What stood out to D’Amico was above all how professional Mysak already looked compared to other youngsters, like Joshua Roy, who would like to follow a similar path.

(Credit: BPM Sports)

“We see what Jan Mysak can bring to the next level. Because his game, looking at it, almost looks like a professional game. Looks like he’s played in the American League already, which he actually did. » – Marco D’Amico on BPM Sports (91.9 Sports)

Indeed, Jan Mysak played 22 games with the Laval Rocket in 2020-21. He only amassed two assists, but above all he was able to take advantage of several lessons from professional players. Since then, he has won the OHL playoffs with the Hamilton Bulldogs and made it to the Memorial Cup final.

« So he was more mature than his teammates, he knew where to position himself, he knew how to be aggressive and for a guy who’s not necessarily the biggest or the biggest, he was imposing himself physically too, which bodes well. when he will arrive at the camp of the Canadian and the Rocket. – Marco D’Amico on BPM Sports (91.9 Sports)

This maturity was obvious during the tournament. As Marco D’Amico explained, the Czech striker played around 22 minutes per game at CMJ, a very heavy workload for a striker. He was playing on the power play and shorthanded, which inflated his playing time.

It was good for his record, that’s for sure. He finished the tournament with 8 points, which is as much as Connor Bedard and Joshua Roy, who both had great games.

Mysak could play pro this year and his recent performances are proof of what he can achieve. The Rocket could enjoy an interesting addition to its training, that’s if it does not make the big club in Montreal.

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