Jan. 6 hearing live updates: Witness: Irate Trump grabbed wheel, demanded to go to Capitol


In videotaped testimony, Hutchinson recalled seeing Meadows in his office at the White House, flipping through his phone as Trump supporters marched to the Capitol, and then violently breaching it.

« I said, ‘The rioters are getting really close. Have you talked to the president?' » she recalled. « Meadows said, ‘No. He wants to be alone right now.' »

« I felt like I was watching, » she continued in taped testimony, « a bad car accident that was about to happen. You can’t stop it but you want to do something. I remember thinking in that moment that Mark needs to snap out of this. »

She recalled White House counsel Pat Cipollone « barreling » towards Meadows’ office, and saying something to the effect of,  » »Mark, something needs to be done, or people are going to die and blood is going to be on your effing hands. ‘ »

She later overheard Cipollone and Meadows talking about the « Hang Mike Pence » chants at the Capitol.

« You heard it Pat — he thinks Mike deserves it. He thinks they aren’t doing anything wrong, » Meadows said to Cipollone when the White House lawyer said they needed to respond, according to Hutchinson.

-ABC News’ Benjamin Siegel


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