James Harden’s future in danger? The factor that could change everything!

James Harden has largely disappointed since joining the Sixers, and that’s an understatement. The future of the rear may be in danger on the side of Pennsylvania, unless he manages to find an agreement with his leaders. Otherwise, there could be some tension.

Daryl Morey had dreamed for several years of bringing James Harden on the side of the Sixers, and he succeeded last February thanks to the desires of departure of Ben Simmons. A win-win trade on paper, which allowed everyone to turn the page. Nevertheless, and for both teams, things do not go as planned. Simmons didn’t play a single minute in Brooklyn, while Harden largely disappointed with his performance.

What looked like a simple pass for the Barbu seems to become a real regression. He can no longer make the difference offensively, even if he has decided to blame their own teammates. The result is very worrying for the future, to the point that the Sixers may have to seek help elsewhere to win a possible title. But this is where it gets complicated.

James Harden faces a huge choice this summer

Harden will be able to land on the market this summer, at least if he refuses his option at more than 47 million. What purpose ? Extend with the Sixers over time, and thus show that he is ready to commit to the long term. The problem is that offering the Barbu a max contract after such a season is clearly not easy. According to famous insider Brian Windhorst, no one in Philly wants to offer him such a deal.

James Harden will have to make a choice with his 47 million option, and maybe get something more afterwards. But as of now, no one in the NBA thinks the Sixers are going to offer him a max contract. So the question is: what is he ready to do? He could do like Chris Paul, refuse his option and take a pay cut to keep a roster capable of fighting for the title.

Is James Harden ready to do this? Or will he accept his option and tell the Sixers, « you’re going to give me my money. » The thing is, Daryl Morey probably has a plan to improve the roster, but he may need Harden to agree with him. We’ll see how willing he is to help the Sixers.

A real financial dilemma for Harden, who can accept a big jackpot, but put the Sixers in trouble. In any case, he gave a big indication of his future. in just three words, which should allow fans to be fixed. But is this really good news? We can ask ourselves the question.

Will James Harden bet on collective success before the rest? He will have the opportunity to prove it this summer by helping the Sixers win back some assist. There is need when we see the outcome of their season, with a Barbu who is the first targeted by critics. If he wants to catch up, it will be a start.

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