James Harden’s future at the 76ers threatened? He answers cash in 3 words!

Philadelphia 76ers star guard James Harden during his first practice with his new franchise

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Far too disappointing in these playoffs, James Harden is now preparing to discuss a contract with the Sixers. Could he already pay the price for his poor performance on the spot? The Barbu answered the question firmly.

Joel Embiid injured in the thumb and hit in the face, difficult to blame him for anything currently, as he went to type within reasonable limits in terms of health. Therefore, following the elimination of the 76ers against the Heat, it is logical James Harden which is getting the most reviews in recent hours. However, these turn out to be completely legitimate in the eyes of the majority of fans.

Again too discreet this Thursday, in a Game 6 yet « win or go home » for his team, The Beard was the subject of almost all discussions at the end of the meeting. Embiid, for example, did not try to spare it, and delivered a scathing statement about him in front of reporters. What to wonder about his future in Philadelphia, as he begins a crucial summer for his end of career.

James Harden faces an XXL financial dilemma

While the offseason is just beginning for the Sixers, Harden will have to quickly decide on his future. Indeed, he has a player option for next year, which would see him touch nearly 47 million dollars. At the same time, he will be able to claim an extension to the supermax, but no longer seems as inclined as a few months ago to receive it. Either way, the 2018 MVP says he’ll start the next campaign in Philly:

James Harden was asked if he still intended to activate his last year of contract: “I will be there. He went on to say that he was going to do whatever it takes to make the team better.

By “what it takes”, understand that a financial effort could be made. He thus mentioned the possibility of signing for a lower salary, indicating:

I will do whatever it takes to help this team grow.

A nice speech, which suggests that Harden remains determined to succeed in Philly. On the other hand, his much more incendiary remarks towards his teammates will not necessarily encourage its leaders to place their full trust in it. In other words, it’s hard to know what sauce the Barbu will be eaten in the coming weeks!

James Harden says he is ready to make economic sacrifices for the 76ers, who should no longer be very tempted by the fact of extending it as much as possible this summer. The simple project of proposing an extension could even be abandoned!

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