James Harden’s Dirty Brooklyn Habits Exposed

Known for his late-night escapades in Houston, James Harden has so far escaped such stories in Brooklyn. However, his departure coincided with the revelation of big files of the genre, which should not please his new leaders of the 76ers!

Despite an exceptional performance since his debut in the NBA, he has never returned an image of a child at heart in the league. Capable of making stunning copies on parquet floors, James Harden also knows how to stand out for much less admirable extra-sporting acts. Indeed, his party lifestyle has often been debated in recent years.

This sensitive subject has once again found itself on the table following his recent trade to the 76ers. Because besides his alleged disagreements and tangles with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving at the Nets, the Bearded would have been released by Brooklyn because of his behavior away from the field. Information revealed by the insiders ofESPN Ramona Shelburne and Adrian Wojnarowski, in a supporting paper for the star back!

Harden’s bawdy life at the Nets revealed

As when he left Houston more than a year ago, a few well-buried files concerning Harden have just been exposed. Once again, it is his nocturnal habits that are turning against him, and which could tarnish his image. Thus, according to Shelburne and Woj’, The Beard would not have learned the lesson, and would have annoyed leaders and teammates in Brooklyn via these bad inclinations!

He had a blast as a regular scorer in Houston, but one of the reasons he chose Brooklyn was that he realized his advancing age no longer made him capable of scoring as much over periods. extended. But co-stars could not help him as he would have liked. They should have been available full-time, but Harden would also have had to change his lifestyle and habits to achieve that.

Despite his 32 years, Harden would have taken advantage of the New York nightlife, including recently!

It’s not his teammates’ fault that Harden continued his nighttime activities, especially during the Nets’ last road trip west this month. His performance, dispassionate and messy, peaked in a 4-point performance in a loss to the Sacramento Kings.

Able to look good despite these escapades in the past, the 2018 MVP would simply no longer be able to do so today.

Maybe Harden could maintain that lifestyle in his twenties, but it just wasn’t working these days. For a player claiming to have a hand and hamstring injury, it didn’t inspire confidence in a plummeting team.

Daryl Morey now knows that he will have to be constantly on James Harden’s back in Philadelphia, otherwise his star rookie will stammer his basketball as he has been able to do in recent weeks!

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