James Harden’s cash statement on the Bucks

Winner of Boston in the first round, Brooklyn will now have to play in the conference semifinals. With an opponent like the Bucks, we should see a real duel at the top. James Harden has also given his opinion on his future opponents.

They came, they saw the Celtics, and they beat them. Five games is all it took for the Nets to qualify for the second round of the playoffs. Rarely worried during the series, Steve Nash’s men simply unrolled their flamboyant attacking basketball, the C’s having no chance to keep up.

Among the great men of this game, we notably count James harden. The full-back was monstrous from start to finish against Boston (27.8 points, 7.2 rebounds and 10.6 average assists). However, do not rely on him for rest. Indeed, as he revealed in an interview after Game 5, his gaze is already fixed on the next opponent, namely Milwaukee:

When is James Harden going to turn his attention to Milwaukee? « I think of them right now. »

The Beard announces the color, the focus of Steve Nash’s men is already on the upcoming clash against the Deers. It must be said that work awaits them, they who will find themselves facing the third in the Eastern Conference this season (46-26). The task will therefore be a priori more difficult than against Boston.

Especially since the Bucks can count on a real juggernaut, in the person of Giannis Antetokounmpo. The reigning double MVP is going to be a headache for Black and White, who are not the best in the league when it comes to racket defense. If they are not careful, The Greek Freak could therefore achieve carnage under the circles.

The good news for BKN is that the franchise also has significant strengths. Alongside Harden, after all, we find guys like Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, both very strong during the first round. If the Nets manage to maintain the same level of attacking play, then they will have every chance of making it to the conference finals.

James Harden says it himself, Brooklyn is not going to take the clash against Milwaukee lightly. In any case, this conference semi-final promises quite a spectacle. Hopefully it lasts longer than the one between the Nets and Boston!

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