“James Harden did it on purpose, and for that reason”

Now eliminated from the playoffs, the Sixers will have to take stock of the season in the coming weeks, and as much to say that it will be alarming. James Harden was very bad, but maybe there is an explanation for his performance. A former player has his theory, involving… Doc Rivers.

Another failure for the Sixers, who will not win the title for this campaign. However, there was hope among the supporters, especially after the arrival of James Harden last February. His duet with Joel Embiid? A real nightmare for opposing defenses, at least in practice. Reality ? She is very different, since only the pivot really stood out from the rest, unlike Harden.

It’s been a nightmare season for the Barbu, who has never managed to find his place. He played some good games when he arrived at the deadline, which can be seen as a kind of honeymoon. The following ? A disorderly shot, a game without the non-existent ball and a defense that will not make him a contender for the title of defender of the year. The conclusion is quite terrible, but there may be a reason.

A major change in sight at the Sixers?

Harden is not the only one to have been controversial during this season, because it is also the case of Doc Rivers. The coach made questionable choices, including that of highlighting DeAndre Jordan in the playoffs, yet on the street for a few seasons. Could the coach lose his place? Nothing should be ruled out, especially given the end result. This may be what Harden wants precisely according to Amar’e Stoudmire, former member of the Suns, who explains on ESPN.

I had the impression that what he was doing was a little intentional, right? It especially seems that James Harden no longer wants Doc Rivers to end up as coach with the Sixers. We know he has a liability, when he doesn’t like something, he will make it end by stopping everything. That’s exactly what he did last night against the Heat.

Does Harden want Rivers gone? It’s not impossible, since the coach was there long before him. Perhaps the relationship between the two men is tense, especially since the Bearded Man is obviously not a big fan of his current role. After the Sixers lost, he was quick to criticize the system in place, since Harden wanted to pump it up more often. A problem to manage, and not the least.

However, the Sixers have other hot issues for this summer, such as Harden’s future. Before thinking of dismissing Rivers, which is unlikely, you will have to know what the former Rocket intends to do during the offseason. He expressed himself on the subject in just three words, which may not appeal to everyone. His case remains quite complex, to the point that some want him to leave shortly.

Tensions between James Harden and Doc Rivers? In any case, the player does not seem to have given everything on the floor against the Heat. The coach finds himself in a very uncomfortable position, especially after questionable choices in these playoffs. The future looks very uncertain in Pennsylvania.

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