James Harden challenged by an NFL legend … on FIFA, he answers!


In the NBA, challenges are commonplace, and few players do not accept them. The last date takes place as a crossover, as a former NFL player provoked James Harden on FIFA! And the Nets star responded!

Monstrous in Game 4 against Boston, James harden (23 points, 18 assists) is living his best life right now. The first round of the postseason is going like clockwork, and the Nets are on their way to the conference semifinals, where they will face Milwaukee.

Until then, however, there are still a few days. The former Rocket therefore has plenty of time to respond to challenges thrown at him, such as that of Chad Johnson. Passing through one of the restaurants owned by the 2018 MVP, the former NFL receiver left a huge tip, as well as a small spicy note on the receipt:

James Harden is afraid to face me on FIFA!

A little good-natured provocation, since the two athletes have been good friends for a long time. The Beard also immediately reacted via Instagram, replying in passing that it is indeed « Ochocinco » who has been avoiding him for years:

Instagram / James Harden

When you want we meet in front of FIFA. You’ve shied away from the challenge for enough years like this! Thanks to him for the $ 1,300 tip for my restaurant.

The game is on, as we would say across the Atlantic. However, we will have to wait a little before seeing a FIFA session on Twitch, Harden still having to play the end of the playoffs with the Nets. Because yes, Brooklyn is among the favorites for the title, and it remains a little more important than a video game.

Officially challenged by Chad Johnson, James Harden therefore knows what awaits him this summer. He could decide in the process to show off if he wins a champion’s ring, and exhibit it during the match on FIFA.


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