James Harden badly tackled by ex-teammate

In a new role with the Nets, James Harden has not had the opportunity to help his team much in the playoffs this year. We must add to this a nasty tackle from a former teammate, obviously not a fan of the behavior of the Bearded Man.

It was not planned and yet, James harden is already on vacation. Often injured this year, he was diminished due to several thigh injuries. Unfortunately for him, they continued in the playoffs, and especially in the series against the Bucks. Despite his return, it was clear that the Bearded Man was far from his best.

Considering his condition, we can even think that Brooklyn played with fire. But with Kyrie Irving hit in the ankle, the staff took the risk, with the agreement of the player. This was not enough, and now the former Rocket will not be successful for his first campaign in the Big Apple.

What to upset him? Obviously, Harden is a competitor who will do anything to take his first ring. He will start again next year, and he should be particularly motivated to find the Hawks. Indeed, during his recent interview, Clint Capela praised the qualities of Trae Young, while distilling a tackle from behind at Harden.

During his passage in front of the media, the Swiss said:

I’ve seen a lot of players pass out as soon as he arrives at this point in the season. What I see from Trae Young is a lot of confidence, he’s fearless and he’s always attacking. It’s really contagious for the rest of the team.

We can obviously see it as a tackle against Harden, who has failed to carry the Rockets to final victory in the past. At the Nets, he hopes it will be different, although the cast helps a lot more in the optics of winning a ring.

Either way, Capela is happy today to be with the Hawks, with someone he sees as a true leader. The tackle is there, and we imagine that the Bearded Man will see it soon enough. We are curious to have an answer, whether verbal, or whether it takes place on the floor in 2022.

Clint Capela applauds Trae Young, and it’s hard not to see a reproach against James Harden during the Rockets era. The war is declared, and we will follow with attention the next Nets / Hawks.

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