James Harden appears physically transformed, shocked fans!

Logically disappointed with his first season with the Sixers, James Harden does not want to relive such a scenario in Pennsylvania, alongside Joel Embiid and the other players. So he worked to get back into shape over the summer, with impressive results. He has just shared a few more shots of his training, and the difference is major.

Arrived as a star at the Sixers last year, James Harden failed to meet expectations. It is never easy to arrive along the way in a team, but the supporters expected much more from the Barbu, who was relatively discreet during the playoffs, and in particular in the series against the Heat. Many therefore hoped for a change during the summer, in order to work on his game, and we can say that the former Nets player has fully assumed.

James Harden is another man before the recovery!

In just a few weeks, Harden has shown impressive progress in his physique. A real diet, targeted training to gain speed: you can’t say he’s been idle. His weight loss is admirable, especially since the Sixer has just put it forward in a series of photos on his twitter account. It is the first that allows us to realize the drastic change.

It’s a long story, I’ve been busy working

We can’t accuse the Sixers player of having twiddled his thumbs since the start of the summer, that’s for sure. He has become a different man, which suggests that he could achieve an MVP-level campaign with his team, much to the delight of the fans.

The league is in danger, isn’t it? 😂

The Sixers will win the championship

Harden will be much more athletic and healthier

It’s a great season that is emerging for James Harden, who continues to work on his game, and with another physical key. Knowing that the Sixers are aiming for the title, it will take at least that to allow this franchise to dream. We can’t wait to find the Barbu, especially with Joel Embiid by his side.

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