Jalen Green already has his head in the circle

Come on, it’s time to have a bowl of chocapic honey pops, a little coffee orange juice but above all a good dose of highlights to accompany it all. Place in the Top 10 of the best actions of the last night in the NBA.

  • We start quietly with Jalen Brunson, who lays the first foundations to put Madison Square Garden in the pocket.
  • We’re staying at Madison Square Garden, where a rose named Derrick bloomed.
  • No doubt, Kenyon Martin Jr. is indeed the son of his father.
  • Facing the Knicks, Tyrese Haliburton is so in his garden that he drops alley-oop passes against the board for his friends.
  • Adams and Morant, it doesn’t change, it’s still just as spectacular.
  • It’s barely pre-season but Jalen Green already has his head in the circle.
  • Jeff Green wanted to posterize Andre Drummond, it went wrong for him.
  • Been to Jamaree Bouyea?
  • A little salsa lesson with Kevin Porter Jr., anyone?
  • We started in New York, we end in New York with Obi Toppin who thinks he is in Rucker Park.

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