Jaden Ivey, one of the most exciting NBA players this season

If a bunch of players in Detroit could make us want to click this season, we wanted to focus on the one who could get into our hearts very quickly and push us to watch Pistoune from October. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s your daily dose of Jaden Ivey.

Here’s one that should galvanize the crowds and fill the seats of the Little Caesers Arena a little more, too often left empty because of the franchise’s lack of results for… for too long. Jaden Ivey so. The new Detroit Pistons combo guard arrives from Purdue with reactors in the calves and a slab that could be compared to those of a certain… explosive leader of the Grizzlies. His mother being a former WNBA basketball player and his father a former NFL player, the young fullback therefore carries the sporting heritage of the mif. ULTRA-athletic, Ivey excels at pick and roll grip and finishing near the hoop : qualities that apply perfectly to the Pistons team, young and fiery. His complementarity with Marvin Bagley III, very mobile and skilful near the circle, will be a weapon to study for coach Casey, the same goes for that with Jalen Duren, another physical phenomenon who arrived in Michigan this summer to shake up the Pistons racket. JI’s outside shot isn’t reliable yet but he’s decent and improving, the rookie could be paired with Cade Cunningham and Killian Hayes on some streaks but he’ll probably start the sit-downs early in the season, to bring a big punch out of the bench before coming to squat on the five ad vitam eternalthe whole thing being to know how many games will be enough to move the lines in Detroit.

Be careful though, Jaden Ivey arrives in a team where his position is shielded like Jeff Bezos’ bank account: Killian Hayes, Cade Cunningham, Cory Joseph, Alec Burks, Frank Jackson, Rodney McGruder, or even Saben Lee? Luckily for him, Jaden was drafted fifth, the Pistons are counting on him for the future of the franchise. and he shouldn’t be too worried about the presence of all these guys, especially since half of them are veterans and the project at Motor City is clearly youth-oriented. If he is serious and does what is asked of him, he will take his 20 minutes per game, if not more. In any case Jaden enjoys a big hype thanks to his barge highlights in university but also his campaigns with the young teams of the States, where he had notably been elected in the five major of the U19 World Cup in 2021.

Very often compared to Ja Morant, Ivey should have an immediate impact in Detroit but we should not expect miracles from him, not immediately and, above all, not collectively, the young guard of the Pistons being still too young to hope to big things next season. On the other hand, expect to see Jaden Ivey in your Top 10s of the night, as the 1.93m tall player has no idea what gravity is and won’t hesitate to finish off the unwary who venture under. his basket. The proof with his highlights at Purdue last year.

Source text: Wingspan / ESPN

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