Jacques Monclar pushes a rant against LeBron!

Sent on vacation by the Suns, LeBron James sees his season end on a gloomy note. On top of that, the Lakers superstar has to endure quite a bit of criticism from league watchers, including in France. Jacques Monclar in particular destroyed it not long ago.

Yet defending champions, the Lakers did not last long in these playoffs. Opposed to Phoenix, the Californians were kicked out of the first round in just six games. A big disappointment, especially for a Lebron james who was not at his best on this postseason, visibly further diminished by his ankle worries.

Among the highlights of the series, however, there were also the sometimes questionable behavior of the King in the field. An attitude that did not please Jacques Monclar at all. The French coach, who also officiates as an expert on bein Sports, gave the quadruple champion a bad quarter of an hour during the show NBA Extra :

In management, if we compare even in its worst moments, what was doing Kobe bryant in a Lakers team which was after all a bunch of post-juvenile delinquents, he would never have behaved like LeBron. That, at least, I want to say, because I do not understand it. With all due respect to LeBron James, neither Michael Jordan nor Kobe Bryant would have done all this circus, to leave the room and all that!

Do you know what it is to leave a lot? When we take a jail, and you are a coach? I am going to tell you. You take 35, you look at the clock and you want to climb the ladder to turn it, you are so fed up with it. And bah you still remain standing!

The words couldn’t be clearer, and we can’t help but hear our own ears whistling! One thing is certain, this departure from the road of the Chosen One should particularly please its detractors. They will be able to cite the incriminated sequence as proof that he is not a good leader… even if we doubt that he pays attention to it.

Usually calm and calm in his analyzes for bein Sports, Jacques Monclar this time released the sulphate against LeBron James. It just goes to show how the winger has been disturbed by his actions on the series, and that he is no stranger to the Lakers’ premature elimination.

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