Jack Grealish opens up about pressure to move to Manchester City

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During this summer transfer window, Manchester City broke the bank! 117 million euros, it is indeed the amount spent by the leaders of Mancunian to finalize the record transfer of Jack Grealish (25 years), arrived from Aston Villa. An astronomical amount that makes you dizzy and necessarily adds a little more pressure on the shoulders of the English international striker (12 caps). Author of rather successful beginnings with already a goal scored under the colors of the Skyblues, the native of Birmingham is however not fully satisfied with his first performances. In an interview with ITV Sport, the 25-year-old has also expressed himself on the pressure relating to such a transfer. Accepting to take up the challenge and still leaving himself a significant margin of progress, he particularly wants to be inspired by one of his teammates, in the person of Kevin de Bruyne.

“I have already had games in City where I went out and where I said to myself that I could have changed this game more. That’s why they paid this amount of money for me. That’s what a player like Kevin De Bruyne would do. That’s what he does, he changes the matches and turns them upside down. I’ve had games before – the Community Shield final against Leicester and the first game of the season against Spurs – where I felt I could have done that. (…) These days, especially in football, you look at players in my type of position and you know that you are not going to peak for years. For example, you look at Kevin De Bruyne, who is 30, and he’s just signed a new contract at City and he’s probably at the peak of his career now. It’s probably the best he’s ever played in the past two years. I’m 25, I have three, four, five years left before I reach his age and I still have so much to learn in the game and improve myself, and I feel like I will in the next few years, without a doubt. »

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