Jack Grealish appears with a new hairstyle and becomes the laughingstock of the web

Since a few months, Jack Grealish is a new Manchester City player. He is not yet unanimous within the Skyblues but we know his potential on a football pitch. One thing is certain, the Englishman does not go unnoticed on and off the lawns of the Premier League or Europe. A few days ago, he was caught on video by a few cameras around a bar as he wanted to enter it with some Manchester City team-mates, including Riyad Mahrez. The concern is that he was drunk and therefore caused a bad buzz.

Today he showed up with a new haircut and we can’t say he’s scored any more points with the fans, to say the least..

 »Poodle tunes »

The English press has been making fun of him for a few days and his new hairstyle doesn’t help.

Internet users have added a layer of it on social networks. We read on Twitter:

  •  »Some players want to be noticed more by their hairstyles or by their talent on the pitch unless they want to be spotted more easily like the friend Geunedouzi. One thing is certain, it doesn’t suit him at all, it’s disgusting… »
  •  »Oh the little poodle has his mother, he can’t really impose himself on City so he wants to be talked about for his little hair, ohhh it’s cute… »
  •  »He changed Justin Bieber, I didn’t know he was playing Soccer this nerdy lol… We don’t know what Grealish’s project is in City, go to the hairdresser near the m…, drink or wax Guardiola’s bench, he will certainly explain it to us one day…  »
  •  »Someone has to tell him that the boy bands are over, that he won’t be able to join the Worlds-Appart lol… »

Coutinho outperforms Grealish and Sancho

If Grealish is now a Manchester City player, another player has replaced him and made the heyday of Aston Villa.

This is the former Liverpool player, Philippe Coutinho who shines since he is in his new club. He is thus decisive every 43.5 minutes when he was only every 304 minutes at FC Barcelona (2 goals and 0 assists in 16 matches). His performance is already better than that of  »star » players who passed through Aston Villa such as Jack Grealish (2 goals, 2 assists in 17 matches with Manchester City) and Jadon Sancho (1 goal, 0 assists in 18 matches with Manchester United) .

Observers of English football are under the spell and did not understand why he was not given due consideration at his previous clubs.  »Sa vision and its perception… If you don’t like watching it, you should stop watching football »said Steven Gerrard, his teammate at Liverpool before becoming his coach.


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