Ja Morant unleashes inhuman action against the Lakers, LeBron reacts!

For those who had forgotten, Ja Morant is an athletic freak. The grizzly player wanted to remind everyone against the Lakers, by signing an anthology sequence! Even LeBron James, who reacted to it after the meeting, seemed to have a hard time believing it.

Fourth in his conference, Memphis had a big hand in moving to the Lakers. And Ja Morant’s teammates did not tremble at the Crypto.com Arena, winning after an offensive festival (127-119). Rather clumsy (16 points to 4/10 shooting), the leader let his teammates drive the game, including Jaren Jackson Jr. Avery Bradley!

LeBron stunned by Ja Morant’s huge counter

Difficult to find the words to describe this action, so much it seems inhuman to ordinary people. The craziest thing is that he keeps the presence of mind to keep the ball, instead of sending it into the stands! A sequence of very high class, which did not fail to make the King react. Asked at a press conference, the winger (35 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assists) covered his opponent with compliments:

It was great timing. It was like he was stalking his prey… I didn’t know he could do something like that that way. He’s got rockets in his calf muscles. It was truly a spectacular game.

Coming from the man who directed « The Block » in the 2016 Finals against the Warriors, that means something. Yet no slouch in terms of athleticism, LBJ was also speechless at the phenomenal jump of the young guard. We can understand it …

A real icing on the cake therefore for the former Murray State, which allows his people to remain more than ever in ambush behind the Top 3 of the Western Conference. For the Purple and Gold, on the contrary, it is a sad setback after five consecutive victories. The rise in the standings is therefore temporarily interrupted, but Frank Vogel’s men will have to quickly restart the machine if they want to return to the Top 6.

Ja Morant is unstoppable, whether on the floors or in the air. Too bad he categorically refuses to appear in the All-Star Game dunks competition… With him, we would certainly have the right to a hell of a show!

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