Ja Morant, superhero of a magnificent Knicks – Grizzlies

Madison Square Garden never ceases to inspire the greatest players, and tonight, it’s Ja Morant who signs his 5th career triple-double there for his annual visit. A triple-double more than necessary to snatch victory (127-123) against the Knicks who remain on four defeats in five games.

The duel between Ja Morant and Jalen Brunson reached the heights in the « money time ». Before that, the Grizzlies had taken a ten-point lead in the 3rd quarter (93-83), but the Knicks will take advantage of the exit of the Morant – Jackson Jr. tandem to pick up the score (110-109) . We then witness the last five minutes of very high quality, and everything will be played on two possessions. First there is Dillon Brooks who breathes new life into the Grizzlies on a big 3-pointer (120-116). But Brunson responds to him in stride at 3-pointers (120-119).

The Garden is standing, the two benches too, and Ja Morant scores two free throws after a fault by Mitchell Robinson. Behind, the Knicks stammer their basketball but RJ Barrett flies away for a lay up (122-121). One minute from the end, the suspense is total. Especially since Morant misses his 3-point, and the Knicks have a ball to pass. Brunson dithers, loses the ball, but the referees whistle foul! It’s Brooks’ sixth, and it’s very severe.

With 25 seconds left, Brunson put in his two shots to give the Knicks the lead (123-122). And what does Morant do? He plays pass-and-go and tries a lay-up in 360! Robinson blocks it, but Morant recovers the ball and scores (124-123)! The Knicks have 14 seconds to get back in front. The ball for Brunson who finds his favorite position near the throw line. His shot is too long, and it is Morant who snatches the rebound, his 10th to validate his triple-double. Fault on him. He puts only one out of two throws, and gives the Knicks the opportunity to equalize or even win (125-123).

Once again, Brunson’s ball penetrates for a small floater… but this time, he is too short! Jackson takes the rebound. Brunson touches her arm. Jackson throws in, and the Grizzlies win 127-123.


Evan Fournier DNP. It has now been 15 days and therefore 7 matches that Evan Fournier has not come into play. However, Quentin Grimes is far from being in great shape at his post, and the Knicks remain on four defeats in five matches.

Ja Morant’s jersey. Cruel dilemma at the end of the match for Morant since his father claimed his jersey after this triple-double and this victory. It was the first time he had asked his son for a jersey. Except that the All-Star leader had reserved his jersey for Derrick Rose, one of his models.


Ja Morant. He validated his triple-double in the final seconds after confirming his leadership qualities. We will remember his accuracy in his balloons that came out on the « drives », a few sleight of hand which he has the secret, but also his aggressiveness to challenge the interiors of the Knicks in the « money time ».

Dillon Brooks. Desmond Bane absent for several weeks, Brooks was invaluable in the first half in attack, then by his defense in the second half. His 3-point in the « money time » did a lot of good.

Mitchell Robinson. The New York scarecrow posed big problems for the Grizzlies, especially in the second quarter with a festival of counterattacks.

✅ ⛔ Jalen Brunson. Waste, and he misses his last two rushing shots but before that, he had scored 17 points in the last quarter to allow the Knicks to erase a 10-point deficit, and even pass.

Julius Randle. He resumes his bad habits of rushing headlong into the pile, or taking 3-pointers at the wrong time. Even if he signs a double-double, his influence on the game is minimal.


New York (9-11) : visit of the Pistons on Tuesday.

Memphis (12-8) : trip to Minnesota on Wednesday.

New York / 123ShotsBounces
PlayersMinimumShots3 pointsLFODTpdpartyIntbpCT+/-PointsRating
Mr Robinson326/70/04/743704005+21624
J Brunson368/193/511/1214595120-13031
R. Barrett379/182/62/216741020-82222
Q. Grimes262/71/40/002244110-956
O. Toppin154/81/40/012301011-298
C. Reddish244/61/22/200023100+41112
Mr McBride10/00/00/000001000000
I. Quickley92/31/11/112320000+2610
Memphis / 127ShotsBounces
PlayersMinimumShots3 pointsLFODTpdpartyIntbpCT+/-PointsRating
J.Jackson Jr.308/193/82/22350210002116
D. Brooks338/163/74/505546020-62321
S. Adams316/80/04/9731021001+21622
J Morant359/200/39/111910143140+72735
D. Roddy132/42/40/010102000+665

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