Ja Morant overwhelmed by his best friend in court: “You didn’t…


Ja Morant will miss a good part of the season after his last controversial live on Instagram, the opportunity for him to take stock and change. This is what his relatives want, and in particular his best friend, who did not hesitate to bring him to justice…

From very promising, the Draft 2019 vintage went to very controversial in no time. Indeed, in recent weeks, its two best representatives have been chaining scandals more gross than each other. As a reminder, Zion Williamson was, for example, caught in the middle of a love triangle with a stripper and adult film actress Moriah Mills.

And if he’s been heavily criticized for his immaturity, that’s nothing compared to Ja Morant, his dolphin, who did it again in stupidity. Already suspended for a few games for displaying a firearm in public, the Grizzlies leader decided to do it again during a lunar Instagram live. Result ? 25 game suspension for him.

Ja Morant’s friend is in court!

And obviously, his attitude does not worry that Adam Silver and certain observers, since even those close to him do not always understand his decisions. Davonte Pack, his best friend, has just been heard by justice in the context of the fight which opposed Morant to a 17-year-old teenager last summer. As he explained to the authorities with a chilling sentence, he would like his sidekick to change. Journalist Mark Ganniotto says:

During his sworn testimony, Pack explained that Ja Morant did own a gun, a Glock 40, but it was not the gun shown on Instagram. He also claimed to have said the following to Ja Morant, when he was separating him from young Joshua Holloway after their fight: “You don’t need to do this now. We don’t need to do that. »

His friends obviously know it very well: now that he is in the NBA and that he is a multi-millionaire, Ja Morant no longer needs to play the boss to be respected. Davonte Pack tried to make him understand last summer, with a meaningful sentence, but the Grizzlies point guard obviously had other things in mind at the time, since he did not follow this excellent advice.

It now remains to be seen how he will come back from this suspension and especially from this media avalanche towards him. Will he finally understand that the life of a gangster will bring him nothing good? We hope so for him and his teammates, who will obviously need his talent to hope to fulfill the objectives of the franchise…

Ja Morant’s friends aren’t necessarily such a bad influence, as some try to make out. The proof, Davonte Pack would have explained to him at least once that he no longer needed to behave badly… However, he was not heard.


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