Ivory Coast returns to the African top 10

After a summer rich in international competitions, FIFA unveiled its traditional world ranking this Thursday, August 12, 2021. There have been some changes in the ranks but Belgium still remains in the lead. The Ivory Coast after having achieved good performances, is positioned in 9th place in the African ranking.

The Elephants are holding the fruits of their fine performances during the last matches played. Indeed, Côte d’Ivoire left 10th place, 59th in the previous ranking. It now occupies the 57th place with 2 places gained. To date, the Ivorians have counted 1398 points. At the continental level, Senegal remains clinging to its first place, always followed by Tunisia. Nigeria was stolen from 3rd place by Algeria and ended up 5th place.

Internationally despite its quarter of the Euro elimination, the Belgians are a solid world leader, now accompanied by Brazil in second place. France closes the top three. The next few months promise to be tough with matches counting towards the World Cup qualifiers coming soon.

Chamade YAH

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