“Iverson told me that, I thought I had to beat him up”

Allen Iverson is one of the most appreciated personalities in the NBA microcosm, he who left a very positive image since his retirement. But in the 2000s′, the Sixers player did not do necessarily unanimity with his style clearly inspired by the hip hop universe. Besides, his way of speaking almost caused him problems with a master of martial arts!

Allen Iverson is one of the rare legends of the league who is unanimous, both among fans and among players… It must be said that his imprint on the NBA is still very present years after his retirement from sport, he who has democratized swaying dribbling, tattoos, and so many other elements that today make up basketball culture around the world.

And then despite his immense talent and his place in history, he has the necessary humility to never look down on anyone, and he never fails to pay compliments to the new generation, where many Hall of Famers prefer criticism and nostalgia. Yes, he also has preferences for the players of his era, especially in the GOAT debatebut he doesn’t let his biases get the better of his kindness.

When Allen Iverson almost got into a fight with a martial arts master

But if today everyone understands his way of expressing himself, the « street » side of Allen Iverson was not necessarily usual in the 2000s′. Moreover, he almost had a bad time for this reason when he met the actor and great master of martial arts Michael Jai White… The Answer used an unknown vocabulary for his interlocutor, and the latter almost called on his karate in the confusion.

He was still playing when I met Allen Iverson, he was with his entourage, and I don’t think I was very familiar with the street language at that time. He approached to speak to me, and it was the first time that I heard someone say to me: « I really like you ». I didn’t know that was a compliment. I told myself that he was clearly kidding me if he allowed himself to insult me ​​like that.

Because I didn’t understand the meaning of his sentence, I looked everywhere around me with a confused look, I really thought I was going to have to beat him up in front of everyone. It was a very awkward moment for everyone I think. A few minutes later he came back to see me at my table, and the atmosphere was very different, we started talking and laughing. I was just ignorant.

Because they did not speak the same language, Allen Iverson and Michael Jai White almost came to blows, and the altercation would no doubt have been painful for the Sixers superstar, who would have struggled to compete with a great martial arts specialist. Fortunately, today everyone understands the word « kiffer » and these misunderstandings can no longer occur.

All’s well that ends well in this story, since Allen Iverson and the actor finally discussed and laughed in peace once the misunderstandingu dissipated. The leader should perhaps have paid attention to his language in front of an uninitiated public…

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