« It’s very close »: the favorite in the event of Damian Lillard’s departure revealed!


Like many other years, Damian Lillard finds himself again at the heart of the rumors. A possible departure from the Blazers is mentioned, at least if the franchise refuses to aim for the title. If a trade is confirmed, we already know the teams that will have the upper hand during the discussions…

For this summer of 2023, it is clear that the Blazers will have an important choice to make for the future of the organization. We can say that the leaders have two possibilities at the present time: to exchange Damian Lillard in order to begin a process of reconstruction, or else keep the leader, but use their assets to surround him better. The goal would then be simple: to seek to win the championship.

The problem with such a scenario is that Portland is not a contender for the ring today. The workforce is quite poor and despite an Anfernee Simons and the third choice of the next draft, the assets are not really dreaming. It is therefore normal to think of a possible departure in the coming weeks, especially since Dame has listed two organizations for a trade.

The favorite for Damian Lillard known?

The bookmakers have just given their opinion on the current trends. In the event that Lillard leaves Oregon, which is probably the most complicated here, two franchises stand out to attract him: the Heat and the Nets. We can also mention the Knicks, even if the team has found its leader in the person of Jalen Brunson.

In order, we find: the Heat, the Nets, Knicks, Celtics, Spurs, Lakers, Mavericks, Clippers, Hawks, Bulls and finally the Grizzlies. Not a total surprise since if Lillard were to find itself on the market, the whole league could roll up its sleeves to attract such a player. Note that Portland could also do Dame a favor by sending her to a preferential team.

It is not an obligation, the person concerned having no right of veto, but it is a strong possibility in view of the respect between the two parties. Starting from this principle, we can strike out a cador from the eastern conference, which Lillard has absolutely no interest in, as he confirmed in a recent interview. His preferences are known in case of departure.

it’s very close

It is not yet known if Damian Lillard will leave the Blazers, but if so, his probable destination seems already known. We can hesitate between the Nets and the Heat, however, it will cost a lot to convince Portland. A soap opera still far from over.


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