« It’s the Clippers what, I have nothing to worry about »

Around a Kawhi Leonard who seems in great shape and a restored Paul George, the Clippers have a roster capable of rivaling anyone in the league. What to worry about the neighbors of Los Angeles? Not really if we are to believe the reaction of an emeritus Laker… Beware of overconfidence.

They’ve almost gone under the radar due to their various injury issues, but if they stay healthy, there’s no doubt the Clippers will be a team to be reckoned with for the 2022-23 season. In addition to the star winger duo, players like Norman Powell, John Wall, Terrence Mann, Nicolas Batum and Luke Kennard make up a high-quality squad at Tyronn Lue’s disposal. And the objective is clear: the title.

A Lakers legend’s big disrespect for the Clippers

This ring, which has always eluded LAC, as well as a tendency to always fall apart in the playoffs, have contributed to creating an image of « losers » for the franchise. This label is obviously having a hard time, since Lakers legend Byron Scott, who also coached the purples and golds, was not kind to the Clipps at the microphone of ClutchPoints:

Eeeh… They’re not bad. After, it’s the Clippers, what, that’s all I’m going to say. I have no reason to worry about them until they win a title, it’s as simple as that. How many do we already have (the Lakers, editor’s note), 17? Oh yeah, 17, that’s right. Let them win one already. Only one. And then we’ll start talking.

The trash-talking is salty, and proves that the negative image of the Clippers never ceases to stick to their skin. To remedy the mockery and this situation now rooted in the unconscious of all NBA fans, Kawhi Leonard and co have only one solution: lift the Larry O’Brien trophy. And no offense to Byron Scott, they are much better equipped to do so this season than the Lakers.

About his frankness of heart, Scott was also deeply delighted with the extension of LeBron Jameswho returned for 2 more seasons:

The main thing is that LeBron staying 2 more years means the Lakers will stay in the spotlight for another 2 years at least. Now they still need help, especially in defence. I hope Darvin Ham can instill in them the importance of defense every night, that it’s the most important thing. But beyond all that, I’m very happy that LeBron is ending his career as a Laker.

Nothing is less certain for the last sentence, since the King has more than one trick up his sleeve and has made no secret of his wish to play with Bronny James (or even Bryce!) in the next few years. To do so, it’s a safe bet that James will have to pack his bags when the time comes.

If the Clippers have one of the scariest rosters in the league on paper, Byron Scott prefers to mock rivals and deride Kawhi Leonard and his clique. An error of vanity? See you in the spring, but here’s something to give Tyronn Lue’s troops extra motivation…

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