« It’s the biggest addiction of players, no doubt »

What happens behind the scenes among the players isn’t always the most consistent, with many having quite extravagant hobbies. A legendary coach has revealed what he thinks is an NBA athlete’s biggest weakness. Interestingly, it’s not about anything illegal.

Cars, jewelry, luxury clothes: when you earn as many millions as an NBA player, it’s not surprising that the majority of them treat themselves to small pleasures off the field. Even the greatest legends sometimes give in to whims, like Michael Jordan who hasa mind-boggling Top 10 all-time purchases. the lifestyle is logically very different from ordinary mortals. However, this can sometimes degenerate to the detriment of the athletes…

Indeed, vices are not foreign to the big league either, and many have succumbed to the temptation of alcohol or illicit products. This kind of abuse is enough to destroy careers… However, George Karl believes in his autobiography that the biggest weak point of all concerns the fair sex, which is particularly vicious because everything is mostly legal on this subject. According to the Hall of Famer coach, few players can resist feminine charm:

Women, the Achilles heel of NBA players

Without seeing them in action, I know I’ve had players who used illegal drugs or excessive amounts of legal drugs. But the real addiction you see all the time in the NBA isn’t illegal, thank goodness. In fact, a lot of guys get addicted to women. The availability of beautiful women is surprising. Temptation is everywhere.

The players are celebrities, they are invited to all parties and treated like royalty when they arrive. On the go, you see party girls hanging out in the hotel lobby, outside the locker rooms — they’re absolutely everywhere. They are calculating opportunists and an NBA player is bound to be a good match, especially if he is a well-paid star.

It often happens that athletes multiply the conquests before it explodes in their face, often for cases of marital infidelity. The specialist in the matter remains Tristan Thompson, the 2016 champion having again humiliated his girlfriend Khloé Kardashian by making a child behind his back, there is little. And then, there is quite simply the addiction to sex which is medically recognized, but which still remains a taboo in the world of sport.

It remains to be seen how to manage this, especially for a coaching staff who must be able to keep their roster in optimal shape over an entire season. However, Karl admits that he left a lot of leeway to his foals. He only wanted one thing, that they assume once the match outfit was put on:

I am not the morality police. Far be it from me, are they preoccupied with sex? Gambling? Bible study? That’s none of my business. I don’t want what’s off the pitch to be more important than the work on the pitch.

The legendary trips of a James Harden are another good example of the relationship of NBA players to women, and not sure that will change in the future. In the meantime, it is better to have a trainer as relaxed on the issue as George Karl in order to avoid trouble!

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