« It’s the best possible package for them to recruit LeBron »

With the controversial decisions made by the front office, many observers believe that it is credible to imagine a departure from LeBron James. We will have to wait until the summer of 2023 in any case, but some have not waited to list possible packages. Like at the Heat for example.

Eager to win a new title this season, LeBron James must undoubtedly be annoyed by the inactivity of his leaders. Rob Pelinka and Jeanie Buss continue to find excuses not to set up a trade, enough to annoy many supporters on social networks. Earlier in the week, the King himself raised his voicein the hope of having movement.

For now, we’ll have to be patient. The market remains quite deregulated when you see the counterparties required, the fault perhaps to the famous trade of Rudy Gobert. It is clear that the exchange of the Frenchman has an impact. In the event that the Angelinos do nothing, it is not impossible that the King will request a departure from the City of Angels: a credible scenario depending on what will happen in the coming weeks.

LeBron ready to return to Florida?

Following his extension signed last summer, it should be remembered that the Chosen One cannot be exchanged before the summer of 2023. He will therefore have to play the watch for the moment and give his maximum for another ring. Some franchises could spring into action in a few months, like the Heat according to insider Sean Deveney. The latter has in any case imagined a package.

A Tyler Herro, Robinson package, and if the Lakers need more, a first-rounder like Nikola Jovic might be the best package for James.

Problem: should we let go of so many assets for a 38-year-old player, however good he may be? Internet users are not convinced.

No thanks

LeBron James may prove that he is one of the best players in the league, but we doubt the Heat will drop as many assets to bring him back to Florida. For a start, however, nothing should be ruled out, especially if the Lakers do anything.

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