« It’s over between Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, believe me »

Decidedly, it never ends between Jordan and Pippen … The relationship between the two Chicago legends is on the verge of rupture, and an analyst even believes that it is no longer to be saved. Why ? He gave the reasons not long ago.

While they formed an unstoppable duo on the floors, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen are now on a war footing. The documentary The Last Dance created a real rift between the two men, the second being furious at the treatment he received in the final product. So he did not hesitate to shoot his ex-teammate during his autobiography Unguarded, even tackling LeBron James. Atmosphere…

Without much surprise, the Hall of Famer was subsequently knocked out for his comments, which many considered offensive to MJ. However, Stephen A. Smith lost his temper on one subject in particular, which has gone unnoticed by the general public. As he explains during the show First Take, Pip’s attitude following the death of Jordan’s father shocked him deeply:

Stephen A. Smith dismounts Scottie Pippen after his Jordan downgrades

To me, the most glaring part of this matter is what was written in the New York Post. When Pippen said « I regret not having offered my condolences to Michael Jordan on the death of his father ». I recall that his father passed away after the Bulls’ first hat-trick.

In other words, you had the first year without Michael Jordan. Then the second year. You had the three years you were with him for the second treble to express your condolences. You never did. Michael Jordan never thought about it until he realized it. He realized, “Wait a minute. You did not express your condolences on purpose. I didn’t even think about it. « 

Seen like that, it is indeed a behavior anything but class on the part of the n ° 33, who did not even bother to support a teammate in mourning, to the point of hanging up the sneakers for the first time. For Smith, this is just unacceptable and should be for His Airness as well. So he comes to the wild conclusion:

He crossed a line. Him and Jordan: it’s over. Take it from me: it’s over.

If Stephen A. Smith is telling the truth, it would be a sad conclusion for one of the greatest tandems in history. It would be all the more unfortunate if the breakup took place because of a simple documentary …

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