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Like every Monday, the NBA rewards the two best players of the past week. The winners of the day? Trae Young in the East and Devin Booker in the West. Like a 2021 Playoffs scent, right?

The worshipers of Steph Curry may be grumpy, hard not to congratulate Devin Booker for these latest performances. Within a Suns team that forgot the word lose (16 consecutive wins), Book ‘is gaining momentum and his week is worthy of an MVP, let’s not be afraid of words. 30 points, at 53% shooting and 56% from distance, a week in 50-50-90, it almost looks like 2K stats but we are talking about the last four games of the pyromaniac back. The schedule was not so obvious with trips to the field of the Cavs, Knicks and Nets but the star of Arizona did not tremble to lead his people to precious success. It remains in particular on three games with more than 30 points, without ever going below 50% shooting. Impressive. While a big shock is looming against the Warriors of Chief Curry (spoiler, it’s for tomorrow), Booker has been full of confidence and we wish good luck to those who will cross his path soon. We know of tusks that may get very hot.

Across the country, it’s another phenomenon that is talking about it. No record series in progress but Hawks who are gradually coming back on the right track thanks to a Trae Young who activated the unplayable mode. 31 points, 8 assists, 4 rebounds at 56% shooting and 52% of the parking lot of Castorama for the favorite balding of the NBA. While Atlanta is still struggling to find the ingredients that led to its success in the spring, Ice Tray carries his team on his frail shoulders and his heat stroke allows Georgia’s men to regain a place in the Top 8 in the East. A good omen before a first fortnight in December which will see the Hawks compete against the Sixers, the Hornets, the Wolves but also the Nets. We do not know if the cuckoos are ready to fly but there is one that is already giving the beak on the competition. That the opposing fans think of covering themselves by going to the stadium, Trae will cool the world.

Devin Booker and Trae Young were named players of the week and they deserved it. One no longer loses a match and plays like a superstar, the other continues to air-condition all the rooms that cross his path. Two of the heroes of the last Playoffs are in the spotlight at the start of the week.

Text source: NBA

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