« It’s hard mentally for the guys », admits Stéphan

Julien Stéphan looks back on his men’s defeat against Stade Rennes this Saturday, in the league.

Julien Stéphan (Strasbourg coach, beaten by Rennes) : “We did the first thirty minutes of very good quality. We were in the process of gaining the upper hand, after there was a situation that changed the course of the match (the expulsion of Gerzi Nyamsi in the 28th minute, editor’s note). There is misunderstanding about this situation. The ball is cleared first and then the foot ends up on the opponent’s leg. I don’t know how Gerzi could have removed his leg… We don’t understand. We find ourselves once again suffering from a prohibitive contrary fact of play.

There is a lot of courage, we were carried once again by a great public who understand the situation and who know football. There was this goal, I would have liked there to be a second to carry the fire a little more but it became too unbalanced after the 30th minute. It’s hard mentally for the guys. I am not happy and not satisfied accounting. We can’t be. The president supports us, he knows the hazards. This does not mean that there is not an extreme requirement. I can assure you that the requirement is very strong.»

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