« It’s great to play with Rudy Gobert […] He’s a great basketball player. »

It has now been five months since Rudy Gobert joined the Timberwolves, and two months playing for them. His teammates have therefore been able to get an idea of ​​what he is worth, and several of them have been very complimentary towards him recently. The Stifle Tower will appreciate!

The Timberwolves lost to the Blazers last night and continue to squat the soft underbelly of the league (13 wins for 13 losses, 11th in the West), but Rudy Gobert delivered a beautifully crafted copy. With 24 points, 9 rebounds and 4 steals, the French pivot caused a lot of trouble for the Portland racket. His 9/11 in shooting also testifies to his efficiency when trying his luck against Jusuf Nurkic and others.

This bodes well for the former Utah star, his debut in his new colors being a little tricky. Statistically speaking, his 14 points, 12 rebounds and one block per game are below his averages from last year and fans were expecting more. But on the side of his teammates, it seems that his current form is seen with great enthusiasm. Naz Reid particularly praised his attacking performance after the match:

Wolves players admiring Rudy Gobert

I noticed that he copied some of my moves, he tries a few eurosteps. He receives the ball and concludes in an excellent way. He’s important to us, especially right now. He’s a great basketball player.

Karl-Anthony Towns being on the flank for a while, Gobzilla has to be all the more present offensively now and visibly, which he does convinces the rest of his dressing room. Kyle Anderson was also very complimentary about the triple DPOY, who had showered him with compliments himself before. The former Spur has also admitted to being inspired by an ex-Teammate of the Habs in order to maximize their connection on the floors:

Rudy Gobert “Kyle makes it easy for everyone around him. He’s such a smart player, I just have to get in my designated spot and Kyle will get the ball to me. »

Kyle Anderson « It’s great to play with him. I watched a lot of highlights from Joe Ingles (Gobert’s teammate at Jazz, editor’s note), to see how he was doing to be effective at his side. I’m just looking for his ability to create play with Rudy for the past few years, so I know when to find him on pick and roll or when I’m on the move. »

If he is criticized by a lot of people, Rudy Gobert can smile listening to what his teammates say about him. The vast majority of them are won over by what he brings, which already ensures good chemistry in the locker room. This is essential in order to go as far as possible.

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