« It’s flattering, but I’m taking a step back, » says Clauss, referring to the France team

Brilliant this season, Jonathan Clauss is one of the main instigators of the good season for RC Lens (2nd in Ligue 1). On its right side, the « pistonIs wreaking havoc, so that his name is circulating more and more on the side of the France team. If Didier Deschamps generally prefers to select players who play European Cup matches, the Sang et Or still has a card to play since the position of right side in Blue is not the most provided.

Guest on the show « Rothen ignites » on RMC Tuesday, the Lensois said he was flattered by so much praise, without being inflamed: « I take it with a lot of hindsight, mostly smiling. I don’t take my head about that, I focus on Lens. I feel like I’m making progress here and I haven’t finished. It’s nice to hear, but I don’t fixate on it. It’s flattering, but I take a step back.« 

(On the praise of his coach Franck Haise and his teammate Jean-Louis Leca, also present) « I don’t feel like the person they describe. I just try to be consistent, I work a lot, more than before, and I pay more attention to my form. I did not think I had such an image in the eyes of people« , He explained.

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