It’s done, Porsche opens the synthetic fuel floodgates

Porsche has officially opened its small Chilean synthetic fuel production plant. A collaboration that we owe above all to big names such as Siemens Energy and ExxonMobil.

The schedule will therefore have been rather respected, within a few months. Porsche officially announces the opening of its plant producing synthetic fuel in Chile. A site which is in fact the result of many partnerships: Porsche is only one stone in the building, since we also find the giant Siemens Energy, but also the American oil company ExxonMobil and the Chilean ENAP. In short, big names in the industry who join a manufacturer with all-found interests. Porsche did not enter this market by chance since it hopes in the long term to supply these fuels to its customers, but also to use them in competition.. One thinks in particular of the Porsche one-design championships.

Synthetic fuels: Europe is finally giving them a chance

Launch of production

For now, we are more at the laboratory stage than anything else!
For now, we are more at the laboratory stage than anything else!© Porsche

Porsche confirms that the production of these synthetic fuels has started in Chile with a first pilot phase of 130,000 liters per year. A first stage of the rocket before reaching 55 million liters per year by the middle of the decade and 550 million liters two years later. An exponential rise in power which nevertheless questions on yields and the energy consumed for this fuel. The project remains for the moment quite discreet on the technical details, too bad… Remember that the factory will produce fuel using the force of the wind, visibly blowing 270 days a year in this corner of Chile.

Published on 20/12/2022 Updated 20/12/2022

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