« It’s brutal »: the overwhelming and viral video of Ben Simmons

Case still as divisive within the NBA community, Ben Simmons displays a performance far from being unanimous with the fans. In this context, a montage of several sequences captured against the Warriors clearly does not advertise!

Interesting when the Nets last came to Philadelphia, he knows he is eagerly awaited again at the Wells Fargo Center. Ben Simmons will visit his former team of the 76ers again this Wednesday, and does not really arrive with a capital of confidence at the highest. Indeed, despite the two successes in a row recently won by Brooklyn, his individual performances are still the subject of much debate.

Disturbing images of Ben Simmons, upside down

Precious in defense and at the level of playmaking for his new franchise, Simmons still accuses a big lack of credibility vis-à-vis his max contract. Thereby, several NBA figures target him for his performances, not up to it according to them, and are not the only ones. On TikTok, a video edited and uploaded by _koolade illustrates the difficulties that the leader was able to show against the Warriors on Sunday:

Advantageous matchup snubbed, easy layup wasted to make a pass, astonishment when receiving the ball, teammates « forced » to tell him to shoot at the end of 24 seconds… So many « brutal » elements put forward by this Internet user to put a stop to a little more Big Ben. Not to mention his inactivity without the ball. And when some fans still have hope in him, others want to be more defeatist about him:

He is finished

Worst contract in all sports combined 😞

The Ben Simmons file still divides as much across the league and in Brooklyn, where his offensive production still leaves many observers hungry. Not sure that a trip to Philly is the best way for him to turn things around!

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