« It’s amazing how Russell Westbrook poses as a victim »

Relatively discreet since the end of the Lakers season, Russell Westbrook still receives violent criticism. A treatment of which he complained again recently, and which earned him great reproaches on his « victimization » on the part of his biggest detractor!

Accustomed to stormy summers as one of the most divisive characters in the league, he has probably never experienced such a difficult start to the offseason. After missing out on his first campaign in the colors of the Lakers, Russell Westbrook continues to pay the consequences with constant relentlessness suffered on the networks. Starting with Skip Bayless, which definitely leaves him no respite.

Skip Bayless atomizes Russell Westbrook again

Regularly slashed by Bayless in recent months, Westbrook was again this Sunday. However, he didn’t want to let it go this time, and replied with a big threat addressed to the journalist of FOX Sports. The latter did not disassemble despite everything, and once again decided to stand up to him on Twitter. Instead of giving in to the game of provocations, he instead sent her… a very spicy invitation!

Hey, Russell Westbrook…I’d love to chat face-to-face with you about the nickname I believe I created in 2012. COME COMPARE ME ON TV OR IN MY PODCAST. Let’s talk about how you’ll make $47 million next year after being THE WORST 3-POINT SHOOTER IN THE NBA! Most overpaid player of all time? PLEASE JOIN ME

Skip didn’t stop there, and attempted to publicly humiliate Russ for the Calimero posture he would adopt in the face of the many attacks he receives:

Amazing and fun to watch as Russell Westbrook tries to pose as a victim after being such a nightmare for the Lakers Nation last season. All he has to do to silence the critics is just PUT SHOTS AND STOP MAKING SADLY COMIC BALL LOSSES. But… it’s the fault of the critics according to him.

Skip Bayless doesn’t let go of his grip on Russell Westbrook, and hopes to provoke him enough for the two men to face off in an epic TV debate. At this rate, it shouldn’t be long before he gets his way!

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