» It’s a team sport. The teams win. This is how you should play”

Another incredible achievement for LeBron James, who has just surpassed one of the best passers in history and one of his models: Magic Johnson. Last night by delivering his 9th assist to Anthony Davis for a 3-point shot, he became the 6th best passer in regular season history ahead of the Lakers legend.

“To know that I’m in the conversation or about to break a record that he set for this franchise – and I don’t compare myself to Magic with this franchise, and what he did. Him, [James] Worthy, Kobe [Bryant]Shaq [O’Neal], those guys are synonymous with this franchise,” LeBron James explained, before he passed Magic. “But it’s just really cool, when I get to see my name with some of the greats that have played the sport. »

This accomplishment was also achieved in a very fine victory against the Bucks, in Milwaukee, in a match where he did not go far from a new triple-double: 28 points, 8 rebounds and 11 assists whileAnthony Davis signs a monstrous game: 44 points at 18/27, 10 rebounds and 3 blocks. Russell Westbrook was not outdone with 15 points at 6/11, 7 rebounds and 11 assists.

« I will say I feel like tonight was the game where we were the most complementary and the best game the three of us have played together on both sides of the pitch, » James said of of the Lakers Big Three. “We were all in the same rhythm. We all felt that we had an impact on the game throughout the game. »

With 10,144 assists, he could quickly climb in this ranking of the best passers since in front of him there is mark jackson with 10,334 and Steve Nash with 10,335. On the other hand, the others will have to wait since Chris Paul is at 11,071, Jason Kidd to 12,091 and John Stockton is out of reach with 15,806. If he’s on his way to becoming the all-time leading scorer, it’s no wonder he’s also so high up the assists list, even though he’s never really been a leader He has always claimed to be above all a team player and who wanted to make his teammates shine rather than score, because he quickly learned what the recipe for success was.

« Ultimately it’s a team sport, » said LeBron James.  » It has always been like this. The teams win. That’s how you have to play and the guys have to feel comfortable, they have to feel like they’re part of something. I was taught basketball like that and won in my freshman year of organized basketball. My second year, I won the title. And as I continued to grow, in AAU we won tournaments. And when I got into high school, we won. So I knew what it was about. The important thing is guys who come together, who play together and who play for the cause of others and not for their pear. »

Magic Johnson embodied all of these values.

« The way Magic approached the game was very infectious, » LeBron said. “His teammates loved playing with him because of how happy he was playing and passing the ball. He was always excited to see his teammates shine, and I always admired that. I think it makes it even more humble and super cool that I’m doing it in a Lakers jersey, because we know what the Magic name means to the Lakers franchise. It’s a great lesson in humility. It’s an honor to be in the same breath and in the same conversation as a guy like him.


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