« It’s a great honor to embody Franklin D. Roosevelt »

Kyle MacLachlan is 100% credible in the role of this married President, but very attracted to Crown Princess Märtha of Norway, who found refuge in the United States with her children, at the start of the Second World War. Relying on this crush, she tries to convince him to go to war against Germany.

Had you heard of this amazing story in the United States?

Kyle MacLachlan: No, and it gave me the opportunity to do some research, to perfect my role. It is a great honor for me to play Franklin D. Roosevelt.

How does it feel to be in the shoes of a President?

It’s grand! You quickly feel that you are imposing on those around you.

How many cigars, real or fake, did you smoke to be credible in this role?

I’m not a big fan of cigars, but I have to admit that when you hold one in your hand and you speak with big gestures, it immediately gives you allure, a certain aura that doesn’t don’t argue! Usually, I’m not very fond of props on a set, but here I needed this cigar for the role.

Would you say that Roosevelt was a ladies’ man, a kind of Don Juan, or rather that he was a flirt?

I would say he had a big appetite… if you know what I mean! But, what is surprising is that this man, who surrounded himself with women at the time, also listened to them. He asks them for their opinions and will even take them into account in the facts.

Most of the former Presidents of the United States are good comedians, some even made a career in Hollywood, like Ronald Reagan. If you were elected to this position, what kind of president would you be?

I would be a great, a huge President!

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